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Silver Hill Sports ProfileOur sports profile was designed as an online tool for any athlete to promote themselves to schools, coaches, and/or clubs in order to move to their next level. Whether it's a middle school athlete about to attend high school, high school athlete moving on to college, or college athlete working to obtain recognition from a professional team, the profile is the product to use!


It provides a dynamic sports resume where the athlete's entire "body of work" is presented in one location! Parents/guardians of high school athletes do not have to rely on a recruiting service to have their child seen by college scouts. Control is placed back in their hands by having the ability to send/email a unique web address where the athlete's academic information, statistics, photos, and video highlights are all immediately visible! The profile is instantly cost effective because the need to mail multiple DVD's to multiple schools is eliminated.  The profile is controlled completely by you!  The athlete and parent(s) performs all updates.


If the athlete is moving to the professional level, this tool is perfect for sports agents!  No need to send DVD's to multiple pro organizations.  Email or text the unique web address of the athlete's profile to teams where they can view write-ups, news clippings, pictures, and video highlights all in one location!  Contact us to hear about true agent success stories of the profile in use!

Silver Hill Sports Profile


If a parent, athlete, and/or sports agent is attending an event or sports camp where they need to present paperwork, our scouting report is available for printing as well as a .PDF file. Exposure is the key to make it to level where you want to be. Ready to get started?  Cost of a profile is only $12.95 per year!

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